What is MOBYPOS?

MOBY POS is powerful, easy to use point of sale, inventory management, subscription fulfillment and customer tracking software. MOBY POS’s flexibility, Diamond integration, reliability, and advanced features make it the best software choice for comic and game retailers in North America.

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MOBYPOS Provides

  • Subscription Management

    Subscription Management

    Superior subscription tools can make all the difference for a comic and game retailer. You need powerful tools to manage the ever growing number of titles available to customers, and managing subscriptions has never been easier than with MOBY POS.
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  • Inventory Control

    Inventory Control

    MOBY POS makes managing inventory in your specialty store a breeze. Preloaded with almost four hundred thousand products, start with highly informative screens, full of useful data about every product you sell. Information is organized intuitively, and is easy to browse or find.
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  • Transactions


    No Point of Sale solution is complete without the ability to sell the products your store carries. MOBY POS provides refined tools to help you manage your sales, track your customer’s purchasing habits and manage the unexpected in the middle of a busy day with a line at your check-out counter.
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  • Data Mining & Reporting

    Data Mining & Reporting

    Point of Sale systems are convenient for ringing out product, but where they really shine is in allowing you to mine the data you've collected selling product. MOBY POS provides tools to help you get the most out of all the data you've collected.
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  • Advanced Security Features

    Advanced Security Features

    Security is a serious concern for retailers, and with MOBY POS you can easily track any manual changes to prices, stock quantities or even order codes. Always know what's going on with your products, even when you're not around the store to keep staff on their toes.
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  • Professional Support

    Professional Support

    A mission critical piece of software like point-of-sale needs the highest level of professional support, and that's exactly what you'll get from Bitter End Systems. We have experience in the specialty store environment and provide quick responses to technical support requests through our toll-free number, e-mail and user support forum.
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Bridge City Comics

I can’t imagine running a comic book shop without a POS system and MOBY POS is the gold standard. From ease of use to keeping track of inventory to fast and accurate reports to increase profitability and a hundred other functions, MOBY POS has proven itself time and time again to be the best POS system out there.
Michael Ring

Up, Up and Away

MOBY is the best investment into my business that I’ve ever made; it saves me money, it makes me money. It enables me to provide a superior customer experience, and yet I couldn’t operate as efficiently without it.
Kendall Swafford

Earth-2 Comics

Not only is Moby a proven success but the system is constantly being upgraded and improved based on input from the users.  If you’re using Moby and have an idea for a feature, the Bitter End Team listens and is responsive.
Carr D’Angelo

The Comics Place

We’ve only been using MOBY POS for six months, and I can’t imagine life without it.
Django Bohren

Dewayne’s World

Call Ben and set up a time for a live demo.  That part alone had me wanting to upgrade to MOBY POS.  After playing with it for a few days, I was definitely ready to switch!
Dewayne Chase

Phoenix Comics

There is no valid reason not to be using a POS system in any retail store in 2015. If you’re going to use a POS system in a comic or game store, then you should use the best POS system, and that is clearly MOBY.
Mike Bower

Main Street Comics

My only regret in implementing MOBY POS is that I didn’t do it sooner.
Pete Dolan

Chimera’s Comics

I want to spend time working with my customers and doing what I love to make a great store. MOBY has freed up time and money so I can focus on what I love to do instead of getting bogged down by ordering and inventory management.
Carmelo Chimera

Comix Experience

MOBY POS is robust AND stable AND constantly innovating, and it has saved me buckets of time and money.
Brian Hibbs

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