Demo MOBY POS 10

We think MOBY POS 10 is the best Point of Sale program for comic and game specialty stores, but don’t take our word for it. Try out a fully functional version of MOBY POS 10 Basic today.

Wouldn’t it would be terrific if we could test out every purchase we make before we made it? That’s exactly what the MOBY POS 10 Demo permits you to do.  Choosing the perfect point of sale system for your store is a big step and a sizable investment.  Take your time and experiment so that you can make the most informed decision possible.  You won’t get a better deal from any other point of sale software designed for specialty store retailers!

The MOBY POS demo runs for 30 days without any restrictions and includes all the features as the fully licensed installation of MOBY POS. Set up your customers, import your invoices, create reorders, do your pull and hold and log into Diamond all from one application! The demo is designed to let you run through a full month’s solicitation cycle so you can make sure MOBY POS is right for your business.  After the trial period expires, you must purchase a valid license to continue using the product.

If you’ve used MOBY POS for a month and done a lot of work you don’t want to lose it!  We understand, and that’s why when you purchase a valid license, we’ll remove the time limit on using the Demo, so you can save any work you’ve done

The MOBY POS 10 Demo requires a trial version FileMaker Pro 14.

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