MOBY POS Has Ceased Development

Hello Everyone,

Created in response to a lack of Point-of-Sale options for the Comic Book Direct Market, MOBY has been an incredible journey. The impact of this project extends far beyond what we at Bitter End imagined, and we are so grateful to our friends in retail for making it possible.

However, we need to frame the future of MOBY in more concrete terms for our user base. The time has come to share the news that Bitter End has ceased development of MOBY. We want retailers to know how much they are appreciated; that we understand how critical MOBY is to their daily operations; and that we are sensitive to their concerns. With that in mind, here are answers to some common questions:

Why has Bitter End stopped development?

We can no longer fund growth. The one-time-purchase model we adopted made sense in the early years, but as maintenance and development costs rose while adoption rates plateaued, this did not prove sustainable.

Why not sell MOBY to someone who can continue development?

In its current incarnation, a FileMaker-based, multi-file MOBY is not a good candidate for anyone to develop. The issues preventing Bitter End from moving forward (prohibitive cost, time) are the same that any other developer would face. It took years for a team of coders to create Version 10; a new version of MOBY would have to be written from scratch.

Will there still be support for MOBY?

Yes. The current support model will remain unchanged and data files will be provided until the end of 2018. Beyond December 31, 2018, technical support will only be available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Can I continue to use my copy of MOBY?

Yes. For the continued health of your daily operations, we strongly recommend the following:

  • Make daily backups of your copy of MOBY!
  • Avoid implementing any OS updates (Windows or Mac) before confirming your version of FileMaker is compatible!

Retailers needing to eventually migrate to another solution face real challenges. We hope to help where we can. Anyone with questions or feedback is welcome to reach us at 314-400-8094 or moc.s1544913004metsy1544913004sdner1544913004ettib1544913004@ofni1544913004. Thank you all for choosing MOBY. We wish you all the best!

Ben and A.J. Trujillo
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