MOBY POS Makes Inventory Control and Subscription Management Easy!

MOBY POS is powerful, easy to use point of sale, inventory management and customer tracking software.  MOBY POS’s flexibility, Diamond integration, reliability, and advanced features make inventory management and control easy!  MOBY POS ships with hundreds of thousands of SKU’s preloaded, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

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MOBY POS does a lot and we’ve done our best to create a tour of the top 10 functions in MOBY POS that a retailer like you will get the most out of.  Read on to check them out!

  • FileMaker
    MOBY POS is a comprehensive point of sale, inventory control and subscription management software written in the powerful FileMaker database programming language which enables comic book retailers to order, sell, track and manage product, accurately pull subscriptions, and interact with Diamond Comic Distributors as well as thousands of other vendors.
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  • Inventory
    MOBY POS makes managing inventory in your comic shop a breeze. Start with highly informative screens, full of useful data about every product you sell. Information is organized intuitively, and is easy to browse or find.
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  • Subscription Management
    MOBY POS integrates powerful subscription management tools that help you improve customer service and increase your efficiency by accurately managing your customer’s pull and hold service and special orders. Keep detailed records of each customer’s subscriptions and ordering history, and use MOBY POS tools to help recommend new titles to customers.
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  • Series and Groups
    MOBY POS uses groups to help maintain subscriptions for your customers. A group can be a single ongoing title, like Amazing Spider-Man, that your customers wish to subscribe to, or an ad-hoc assembly of individual items and series, like Blackest Night and each of the tie-ins.
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  • Transactions
    No Point of Sale solution is complete without the ability to sell the products your store carries. MOBY POS provides refined tools to help you manage your sales, track your customer’s purchasing habits and manage the unexpected in the middle of a busy day with a line at your check-out counter.
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  • Ordering
    With MOBY POS you can manage initial orders, reorders and FOCs easily and efficiently, shaving off hours of work while still maintaining a strong but selling inventory.
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  • Invoicing
    Receiving product with MOBY POS is fast and efficient. Quickly check-in product as it arrives in your store, while managing damages and shortages with ease.
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  • Security
    Security is a serious concern for retailers. MOBY POS permits you to assign different levels of security for each user of the program. Easily track any manual changes to prices, stock quantities or even order codes. You'll know what's happening with MOBY POS and your staff.
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  • Data Mining & Reporting
    Point of Sale systems are convenient for ringing out product, but where they really shine is in allowing you to mine the data you've collected selling product. MOBY POS provides tools to help you get the most out of all the data you've collected.
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  • Professional Support
    A mission critical piece of software like point-of-sale needs the highest level of professional support, and that's exactly what you'll get from Bitter End Systems. We have experience in the specialty store environment and provide quick responses to technical support requests through our toll-free number, e-mail and user support forum.
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