Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Superior Subscription Tools can make all the difference for a specialty store’s efficiency and profitability. Retailers need powerful tools to manage the ever growing number of titles available to customers, and quick and easy ways to meet customer demands to easily modify their subscriptions. Managing a subscription service has never been easier than with MOBY POS.
MOBY POS Contact Record

Contact Record With Holds Tab Selected

MOBY POS integrates powerful subscription management tools that help you improve customer service and increase your efficiency by accurately managing your customer’s pull and hold service and special orders. Keep detailed records of each customer’s subscriptions and ordering history, and use MOBY POS tools to help recommend new titles to customers.

MOBY POS allows you to set up customer subscriptions for ongoing series of comics, trade paperbacks or anything else you sell that is serialized. Pause and resume subscriptions when a customer is out of town or falls behind on their payments, track delinquent customers so you stop pulling new books for deadbeats and automatically e-mail your customers to inform them of the entire contents of their pull, or just what came in this week. The tools to manage subscriptions in MOBY POS are second to none, providing you unparalleled flexibility to manage a store subscription service without having to change the way you are used to doing business.

Contact Record Active Holds

Contact Record Active Holds

Historical Sales Data, tracking each customer’s subscriptions and special orders in detail is a powerful customer service tool, when you need to help your customer remember what they’ve ordered. Subscription management in MOBY POS is so easy that once you enter a customer’s subscriptions MOBY POS will automate preorders, inventory tracking and even special orders.
Special orders for customers are a breeze with MOBY POS. Simply add a request to a customer’s account and MOBY POS will do the rest, including remembering to order it and pull it when it arrives.

Special Order View

Use this feature with any of your distributors, not just Diamond Comics Distributors.

MOBY POS dynamically tracks the contents of each customer’s pull box and will inform you when a customer is delinquent. Easy to read color coding reflects the age of an item in a customer’s pull box so you can know a customer’s status instantly. Powerful reporting features provide automated tools for tracking and managing your customers.

Contact Record Pull Box Contents

When new product arrives for your customers, MOBY POS generates quick and accurate pull reports, which can be generated by customer, by item, by pull box number or by whichever method you need at your store.
Pull reports are streamlined to give you the information you need all at once, including a customer’s name, phone number, e-mail address and much more.
Printed Pull List

Sample Pull Report by Customer

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