Series and Groups

Series and Groups

MOBY POS uses groups to help maintain ongoing subscriptions for your customers.  A group can be a single ongoing title, like Amazing Spider-Man, that your customers wish to subscribe to, or an ad-hoc assembly of individual items and series, like Secret Wars and each of its tie-ins.

Marvel Event Group Record Showing Members

Groups in MOBY POS are created automatically for you.  Don’t worry about making sure the latest issue of Superman is linked to the right series, MOBY POS will do this for you.

Create and manage your own custom groups, too. Events and tie-ins are a big part of the comic publishing business, and it’s important to be able to sign a customer up when they want every issue that’s part of the latest big event. With a few short clicks you can quickly and easily add new items to existing groups as publishers tack new titles onto ongoing events.

Series Selector

Since MOBY POS was designed by retailers, the program provides the tools your store needs and features you have been looking for to increase your control over your business without creating more work and headaches from tedious data management. Easy to use tools like the Series Selector allow users to discretely manage each series and group in their database.  Link series together and override a series’ default membership; MOBY POS allows you to customize the database as little or as much as you like.
For example, if your store automatically pulls annuals for customers along with the regular title, simply link the series together without having to sign customers up for each title independently.
MOBY POS is designed to provide you with the most information available in the most efficient method possible; you won’t have to continuously navigate between screens.

Series Record

MOBY POS completely eliminates the need for cycle sheets. Follow the sell-through information for any of your series, and see on one page a series sales velocity, hold consistency and raw sales figures. Powerful graphs show an ongoing title’s popularity, pull popularity and shelf sales. Use these compelling tools to help gauge demand of new titles by comparing creative teams or similar titles all with the click of a button.
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