No Point of Sale solution is complete without the ability to sell the products your store carries.  MOBY POS provides refined tools to help you manage your sales, track your customer’s purchasing habits and manage the unexpected in the middle of a busy day with a line at your check-out counter.

Create New Item During Transaction[spacer]

MOBY POS uses a barcode scanner to quickly match items in your database to the products you are selling.  Don’t worry about trying to find items, just scan and go.  For instances where your products lack barcodes, MOBY POS provides simple and quick methods for searching for the item or even creating a new item right from the transaction.

Transaction Discounts

Transaction Discount Dialog

Need to negotiate a price with a customer without leaving the transaction?  MOBY POS provides a number of discounting and pricing tools that are enabled right from within the transaction.  With MOBY POS you don’t have to keep customers waiting while you manually reprice an item – simply use the built-in tools to discount or set target prices for items instantly.

Use the ‘Price on the Fly’ function to create a generic item  that you can price differently every time you sell it – perfect for managing a large selection of back issues where prices may change frequently.

Add Subscription During Transaction

Add Subscription During Transaction

MOBY POS users can also add a new title to a customer’s subscription right from within a transaction.  Customers will frequently ask to add a new purchase to their subscription when you ring them out.  With MOBY POS, just click a button next to the item and it is instantly added to their subscription list.

MOBY POS will even remind your employees if a customer has returned a pull box item to the shelf without purchasing it.

These are just a sample of the various tools designed to help you quickly sell products while simultaneously maintaining accurate and reliable inventory, sales velocity and subscription information.

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