With MOBY POS you can manage initial orders, reorders and final order cutoffs (FOC) easily.
The Preorder tool provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.  Quickly gauge sales velocity and subscription trends directly from the order layout.
There is no need to reference Previews magazine or your retailer order form as artwork, solicitation information and retailer order notes are all visible on one simple screen.

Preorder View With Art Thumbnail Expanded

Use the Preorder tool to quickly explore sales of similar items or creative teams to more accurately measure demand for new titles that lack a customer purchasing history.

Click on thumbnail artwork to view large, detailed images or even to check for updated solicitation information. MOBY POS warns you if you aren’t ordering enough product to satisfy customer requests and subscriptions and allows you to set shelf life and minimum stock points for new products that work in conjunction with MOBY POS’ automatic ordering features.
You can even pre-fill your initial order with all your subs with the click of a button. Never have to reference cycle sheets again.  MOBY POS provides virtual cycle sheets for the last 8 issues of solicitation.  Easily navigate between the Preorder and the item for even more information.

FOC View

The Final Order Cutoff (FOC) tool in MOBY POS functions much like the Preorder tool.

Quickly ascertain important sales information to make accurate and useful adjustments to your orders during the FOC.

MOBY POS intelligently warns you if a publisher changes an item’s price, title or other descriptive information between the original solicitation and the FOC.  Don’t be caught off guard when a publisher arbitrarily changes a price or other aspect of a product that might significantly alter your initial order.

Quickly see if customers are dumping or adding on a title and adjust your order accordingly.

Click on thumbnail artwork for more detailed images or to view the most up to date solicitation information right from Diamond’s own website.

Managing reorders and special orders is a breeze with MOBY POS.  Automatically generate orders based on what your store has sold, or use built-in features like reorder points to maintain minimum stock levels.

Generating a reorder with MOBY POS is as easy as clicking a button.  The program will automatically generate an order incorporating your minimum stock requirements, customer special orders

Order Record View

and of course permits users to add or remove items on a case by case basis. Place orders with Diamond or any of the hundreds of distributors and publishers preloaded into MOBY POS.

Export Options

Once your order is ready to go, simply export it for upload to your distributor.  MOBY POS supports exports of virtually every common file type. Customize exports in MOBY POS to automatically export in the format required for the distributor you are using.  If your distributor doesn’t support uploads or
charges a fee for doing so, no problem!  MOBY POS also will e-mail your order to your distributor or allow you to print your order to send via fax.

Distributor Order History

MOBY POS keeps extensive ordering records.  Quickly check the status of an item on order, or review your ordering history with a few clicks of the mouse.
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