Receiving product with MOBY POS is fast and efficient.  Quickly check-in product as it arrives in your store, while managing damages and shortages with ease.

MOBY POS provides powerful tools to assist you when products arrive.  Users may import electronic invoices, or generate their own packing lists when distributors do not offer electronic options.

Invoice Check-in Screen

Directly import invoices from Diamond Comic Distributors, check in product and transmit shortage and damage reports directly to your customer service representative at Diamond.

While MOBY POS is tightly integrated with Diamond Comic Distributor’s electronic data files, it works seamlessly with any distributor you choose.  Don’t be tied to a single source for stocking your store.

Check-in Line Item

Check-in is quick; scan an item from your shipment and quickly input the quantity missing or damaged.  MOBY POS provides powerful price-checking tools to prevent accidentally selling something for less than you should.

Barcode verification guarantees quick and accurate scans when you ring customers out during the day.  If items lack barcodes, MOBY POS will generate them for you, or allow you to teach new barcodes to the program right when you receive the product.  Designed with the understanding that getting product into your store with minimal staff is imperative to your business, MOBY POS does the hard work for you, saving you time so you can focus on helping your customers.

MOBY POS generates customizable pull reports, which you can use to complete your pull and hold service after you finish receiving product, or while you’re checking it in.  Make spot judgments when you don’t receive enough product to fill all of your subscriptions due to damages or shortages, MOBY POS will remember who got shorted when your replacements arrive.

Adjust Pull During Check-In

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