Security is a serious concern for retailers.  Not only do you have to keep an eye on customers, but you also need to keep an eye on your employees.  Employee theft is a leading cause of loss for retailers in North America.  MOBY POS permits you to assign different levels of security for each user of the program, so you can control their access.

Staff Security Settings

Easily track any manual changes to prices, stock quantities or even order codes.  Each user in MOBY POS must create a unique password that the system uses to track their activity. When the user initiates a transaction or tries to modify any protected values, such as price or quantity in stock MOBY POS will require the user to enter his or her password and keep a record of what changes were made, who made them and why.

Adjust Protected Fields

Users without authorization are unable to modify protected values. This prevents unauthorized employees from changing prices, providing discounts or removing product from inventory. Employees who are authorized to make changes are tracked any time a manual change is entered.

Not Authorized Warning

If the user is authorized to make a change, MOBY POS will log every aspect of the change, including the time and date of the change, the user who made the change and why it was made.

Item Record Adjustment History

You can trace this information for each item, or run system-wide reports to see all changes that have ever been made. Review changes made within a date range, or even run reports for particular fields that have been changed.

Running regular adjustment reports is a quick and easy task that keeps you informed about what is happening to your merchandise when you’re not around.

Adjustments Report by Date Range

Adjustments Report by Date Range

Bitter End Systems understands that security is a top concern for retailers, and builds in useful, functional security features to deliver the kind of automation and control that retailers need today.
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